This blog is basically a look into what inspires me and whatever I feel compelled enough to share. It’s kind of like an online diary of sorts.

I am a junior at Cleveland State attempting to juggle a busy life of school, sports, and being a socialite–and it’s not always in that order. I am pursuing two bachelors degrees from the CSU School of Communications. One major is in Journalism and the other is in Film, TV and Digital Media. So, needless to say, I will be a broke and in school forever.

I also play golf for the university. We compete at the NCAA Division I level and have a really good opportunity to win our conference tournament this spring!

I’ve been playing since my freshman year of high school so it’s been a major component of my life for a long while.

And, finally, when I have time to breathe, I like to do what every other college student does. Hanging out with friends, shopping, seeing movies, basically I try to do anything and everything. I have a terrible case of FOMO–fear of missing out–but I don’t mind it!